Top 7 Best Startup Ideas You'd Never want To Hide

Do you have any plan to start your own Startup? Have you figured out your best Startup idea?

Let's face it:

Certainly, you decide that you want to start your own startup and thus you start searching for terms like startup ideas, best startup ideas to start this year, etc. on google.

Then, you're at the right place. Here I am going to tell Top 10 Best Startup Ideas that you can start in 2019.

startup ideas in India

Once you choose a suitable and best startup ideas for you, then you complete the first step towards your successful business.

Thus, be wise and choose the best from the list of startup ideas.

Stay tuned!

Nowadays, Unemployment is Increases day by day. Thus your choice to start your own startup is really good.

Not only you follow your passion but also you help the country to grow in one way or another.

Let's get to the point and see what are these best startup ideas.

Top 7 Best Startup Ideas to start in 2019

1. Selling Personalized Gifts:

This is one of the best Startup ideas. there is no such huge competition in this field.

You can start this business easily. let see how?

best startup ideas in India

Firstly, you need to create a Website (your online store). Don't worry, this is not going to cost you so much. you can easily create a website with WordPress in approximately Rs. 5000 per year.

Now, the second step is to Rank your site in your locals. either you can learn this or many peoples do this for you for a little cash.

As a customer comes to your site, ask them to fill a form that you created. Through this, you get all related information about your costumer Age, gender, name, address, interest and other things that you want to know.

Then you can create Best Personalized gift for that person and you can either send it through courier or use any other service for this.

Also, you can take some advance payment from that person.

This is the domain where you can explore many things and you have a very good chance to succeed in this startup.

2. Restaurant: (Breakfast Joint)

Have you ever notice that those little restaurants and small tea stalls are always flooded with peoples (Customers).


Because Food is a kind of business domain that always works well for you, even when you're in a competitive market.

startup ideas in India

To start your Restaurant business, you just need some space in the market area. If it's yours, then very good, if not then you can easily take it on rest.

Let's assume, I took a space on rent for around Rs. 5000 per month.
(This rent is according to your locality) and put your remaining money in buying grocery items, tables, chairs (go for old table and chairs) and other required items.

And you are ready to go!

3. Social Media Marketing:

Just like you, there are so many peoples are willing to start their own startups. This is the time of online expenditure. thus many peoples are shifted towards online businesses.

Thus, this might be the best startup idea for you which takes very little investment.

Organizations, startups, corporates, some personal brands, everyone
need their online presence. To maintain it, they need to be active on various social platforms, where their potential customers hang out.

So, you can convert all these brands in your potential customers and start your own Social Media marketing company.

best startup ideas in India

The only Investment is needed for this business is one computer with an Internet connection and your time, yes that's it!

And guess what? Nobody is going to ask you about your degree here. Everybody just sees, your efforts are converted into result.

You can easily learn social media marketing from online courses. It takes hardly 3 to 4 months to learn. after that, you just need to do is practice and practice.

You need to find your ways to hack social media marketing. like before placing your office, you can do freelancing for some time to build your portfolio.

As time passes, your popularity goes increasing in this field and you start getting projects and thus making money.

4. Garment Tailor:

Nowadays, Fashion trend is changing in India. Self-Made designer clothes getting more and more popular day by day.

Thus, the demand for good tailors is increasing in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkatta.

startup ideas in India

You can start this business from your home or you can take a small shop on rent (if you don't have any) and start your tailoring shop in the local market.

You can achieve great success in this business if you have a little bit of creativity and sewing talent.

You can also expand your business further according to response coming from your customers.

Other than rent, you need to invest in sewing and stitching machine.

Also, read these resources: 

5. Graphic Designing:

There is a popular conception in this domain:

"Graphic designers who are sitting at their home earn more money than a full-time employed graphic designer."

Is it sound like an oversimple game. Let me explain.

Graphic designing is the most-most demanding skill of 2019. everybody needs a graphic designer. If you saw some illustration on websites, advertisement boards all are created by graphic designers. Even the police also need a graphic designer these days.

Look at this graphic:

startup ideas in India

Once you learn all the skills and buy all the required software you are ready to mingle in the market!

Here also, you can start with freelancing and if your work is good then clients are attracted towards you automatically.

Once you start earning some money and getting popular, you can open your office and start your business on a large scale.

6. Pet Sitter:

If you don't know, How big this pet Industry is? then let me tell you the fact that On average, Peoples are spending almost Rs. 10,000 INR per month in India.

There is no doubt that this is a huge market. You need to understand the fact that, peoples love their pets.

Nowadays, having a pet at home becoming a trend in India. but what about those pets, when their owners go to work or office?

You can start a business to solve this problem. if you open your branches in big cities in different places, then this business can go to the sky! 

startup ideas in India

But: for this, you need to put your service at that level. you need to take care of those pets in a genuine way.

I know this startup idea is expensive and most of you don't have such a big budget.

but, to get less expensive and to avoid huge risk factor you can start this from your locals even from your building. 

7. Micro Services for All:

Everyone needs workers like plumbers, gardeners, carpenters or a meson. What if you bring all them in one place?

If you start an online service (An App or website), in which peoples can get contact information of such workers in their locals.

Or even on a big scale, you can develop such a system, in which peoples can mention their problems and a worker (behalf of you) goes there and fixed it.

In such a way, not only you get money but also those workers get more works and thus more money.

for this, you need to tie up with workers and also explain to them how they can make more money through your service.


I hope you like this Top 10 best Startup Ideas.

Now, I want to hear from you:

Which startup idea you are going to start? Do I miss some best Startup Ideas that are coming to your mind? 

Feel free to put it down in the comment section so we all can learn from it. Maybe you get some more nice startup ideas that you're truly passionate about from this discussion.

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