Top 5 Best Sites to Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

Sell Wedding Dress, After reading this Phrase you may wonder about How to sell your Wedding Dress and Also, How much you can expect to get from it?

But, before that:

If some of you still thinking, " Is it really possible to sell my used wedding dress? "  My Answer is YES!!!

Saying yes to the dress can be one of the most significant wedding arranging choices a lady makes. After that special day, some may protect, some may give or sell that extraordinary wedding dress. 

You read this post, this means you might consider selling your wedding dress. there might be for any number of reasons.

sell wedding dress

No matter what your reason behind Selling your wedding dress, There are numerous choices for this purpose. The best benefit you going to get is, You recover a portion of the wedding costs!

Now The main question is:

Where exactly can you sell your Wedding Dress? There are several options for this. Both Online And Offline. (locally)

But, We are going to discuss only Top Online Sites to Sell your Wedding Dress.

When the topic comes to Sell your stuff Online, Everyone thinks about Craigslist or eBay. But, Selling Wedding Dress or other wedding stuff won't work there.

What's the bottom line:

You need to think about the niche-specific sites, where you can sell wedding related items and thus your dress too.

In this Article, I gave you a list of Top 5 Best Sites that are target around second-hand wedding stuff. On these sites, Peoples are come specifically to Buy second-hand wedding dress.

Want to know the best part?

You can list your Dress there with almost no money. 2 of them are completely free and the other three cost you little charge.

Top 5 Sites to Sell your Wedding Dress Online

After reading this List, you get an Idea which site is best for you to sell your wedding dress.

1. Weddingbee

Weddingbee is a site committed to everything that is related to a wedding. You can discover exhortation on arranging your wedding, exploring connections, cosmetics tips and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 

Furthermore, they have a classifieds area where you can purchase and sell wedding-related things. You can sell anything individuals would use for a wedding, including wedding dresses. 

It won't cost you anything to sell your dress on Weddingbee. In any case, you can pay an expense to have your advertisement advanced as an included promotion. As a seller on Weddingbee classifieds, you handle all correspondence with potential purchasers, just as installment and delivery subtleties. 

There are rules recorded on the site with respect to utilizing their classifieds. don't forget to read them before you list your dress there.

2. Wore it Once

Wore it Once is a site that gives you a chance to sell previously owned wedding dresses. You can also sell other clothing items and adornment items on this site.

There's no bonus expense for selling your wedding dress on Wore it Once. Rather, you'll pay a one-time $20 set-up charge for opening your shop and to list your dress there.

You can promote as many numbers of items as you need in your shop for that one-time expense. You can likewise link your shop to your social media sites.

Be that as it may, all exchanges on Wore it Once are handled between purchaser and seller as it were. The site doesn't engage in exchanges. This could represent some risk to both purchasers and sellers.

Use security safeguards, for example, tracking your shipment and requiring PayPal for installment may help you to minimize risk.

Click Here to Visit the Site

3. Poshmark

Another extraordinary choice for selling your wedding dress online is Poshmark. It's an application/site where you can sell your used garments with attention to designer brands.

With the application, Listing your dress is snappy, easy – and free! Simply take a couple photographs with your mobile phone and transfer them in under 60 seconds.

The application makes it simple to share your listing to your social network for customers to find. They offer custom filters and have a huge choice of bridesmaid and wedding dresses.

You can speak with potential purchasers through this application, making it simpler to keep everything in one spot.

When your dress sells, simply print off the paid ahead of time, pre-addressed mark and either drop it in a post box or calendar a free get. In any case, remember that you'll need to pay a 20% commission charge when you sell your wedding dress on Poshmark.

Click Here to Visit the Site

4. OnceWed

OnceWed is a web-based wedding publication and resources for recently Engaged brides to get motivation and Ideas to design their fantasy dream wedding.

Furthermore, it's additionally an online commercial center for selling second-hand wedding dresses.

With over ten years in the business and top rankings in Google, this site is an incredible option for selling your wedding dress.

There is a posting charge of $19.95 per dress yet other than that, there's no bonus. Your posting is legitimate for one year.

This site offers seller privacy and security along with client service with email support to help you resolve any kind of issue.

Click Here to Visit the Site

5. SellMyWeddingDress is a straightforward listing site for you to sell your wedding dress on. Like other sites, you'll need to arrange the details of your deal.

You'll need to speak with your potential purchasers, get installment and ship your wedding dress.

There are two options for listing: A basic listing which costs $19.99 and a premium listing that starts at $29.99, which gives you some extra benefits like featured listing and better placement for your advertisement.

This site does not cost any commission and also, there are no hidden costs. One more thing to consider is, You dress will stay on this site until it gets sold, unlike the previous site I mention OnceWed.

When you list your dress here, they ask for some information like Size, color, pattern, style, etc. Also, you need to provide them a detail description of your dress alongside.
Click Here to Visit the Site

FAQ's Related to Sell your Wedding Dress

How Much Can I Sell My Used Wedding Dress For?

Now, you may be thinking, this is great. but:

how much can I sell my used wedding dress for? Hey come on, answer to this question depends on many factors.

There are some online calculators that help you to estimate the fair price of your wedding dress. You just need to provide them some information like Brand, condition, size, etc. and you're done!

So, the Thumb rule is: you can sell your used wedding dress for 50% retail price if it is in good condition and also under two years old. You may get a price closer to 60% if your dress is a designer such as Vera Wang.

Here're some Calculative tools that help you to find the best value for your Wedding Dress:

How Long Will it Take to Sell My Wedding Dress?

This time totally depends upon your Dress Brand, color, Size, Condition, Style and so on. Also, keep in mind that, the Site you choose for listing your Wedding Dress and your presentation plays a major role.    

If your Dress is fallen in a Popular Brands with good style and is in good condition then, It takes almost 2-3 months. (On an Average)

If your dress is of older style then it may take some more time to sell.

It's Over to You:

I hope you like this list of the top 5 places to sell your wedding dress.

I discuss here the top 5 main players that dominating the market. So, which one do you like most? Have you decided where you want to sell your wedding dress? Will you go with Paid platform or do you prefer to go for a free one?

Also, P.S Share this Article with your friends and Family so that they know these sites to sell their wedding dresses online.

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