How to Sell used Furniture for Cash and 15+ places to do so.

Furniture is a household item that we all regularly replace time to time. There can be many reasons.

but: Did you know, you can actually make money by Selling your Old Furniture if it is in good condition.

Peoples sell their Furniture for many reasons - like renovation of the house, they shifted to a new house, or sometimes just because they wanted to buy a new one! Also, there are some peoples who sell their used Furniture because they really want some instant money to fulfill their any urgent need.

sell used furniture

Selling used furniture is a very unique and flexible way to earn some cash on the side. Some peoples even follow this as a side hustle. They buy underpriced furniture, sprucing it up and resell it for hight price. 

No matter, what is your reason to sell used furniture, This guide is definitely going to help to sell your Furniture Fast.

There are three best ways to Sell your Used Furniture

  1. Sell your used Furniture Yourself
  2. Sell through free Online Platforms
  3. Advertise on paid Furniture Websites
Let's discuss all these three ways to sell your furniture and see what are their Pros and Cons.

Sell your Used Furniture Yourself

Selling Furniture yourself is the easiest way from among. but it would require some efforts from your side. let see, How you can sell by these means?

1. Sell your Furniture from home

Here, you can publicize furniture you wish to sell through a classifieds in a reputed newspaper. Give your contact number or email ID where buyers may get in touch with you. Fix a date and time in which those purchasers can come and view your furniture.

Acknowledge offers for all or select furniture items and sell them to the best bidder. Along these lines, you are guaranteed of getting cash instantly. The principle bothers here is giving peoples access to your home to see what is at a bargain and the time you distribute for this procedure.

2. Advertise at the Community Centre or Hall

Show a small advertisement for the used furniture you are selling at your neighborhood, local community center or hall. also, you need to provide your phone number for your buyers. 

Here also, the problem is to permit peoples at your home during the assigned time to see the furniture.

3. Exchange Furniture Offers

Unless you are relocating, you can exchange your used furniture from a local furniture store. They take away your old furniture and determine its value and provide you a suitable discount on a new one which you want to buy.

Exchange Furniture offers are a hassle-free because of a dealer as they arrange transport which carries your old furniture from your house to their store. However, the exchange offers can often fetch you a lower price than direct selling.

4. Contact Furniture Dealers/Shops 

Various type of mortar and brick shops buy old and used furniture at discounted rates. They create a special discount on everything you want to sell.

This is an excellent way to earn some cash instantly. These shops buy your furniture and resell it after repairing.

Sell Furniture with Free Classified Online platforms

1. Craigslist

Craigslist is the undisputed pioneer of free classified sites in the US and a few other nations around the world.

You can sell used furniture through Craigslist by making a free account. You need to post some pictures and details of the furniture item you want to sell, with foreseen price, your contact number returns approach and different other terms and conditions.

2. eBay

You can likewise sell used furniture on eBay provided you fulfill their strict business guidelines.

Listing your used furniture on eBay is free. Be that as it may, we suggest you read terms and conditions for selling through this site before posting your ad.

eBay charges a commission for each deal you make through its site.

Some other Online Platforms where you can list your used Furniture

Advertise on paid Furniture Websites

If you want to sell your used furniture in no time then these paid sites are surely going to help you.

Generally, they charge 2% to 5% of the selling value of your Furniture.

Before you head over to these sites, be ready with the following things:

  • Brief description of the furniture items.
  • Nice Pictures of your furniture.
  • Decide your selling Price.
  • Your Contact Details.
  • Mode of Payment.

Let's discuss some of these sites.


EBTH means 'Everything But The Home.' This is one of Top website which is used for selling old furniture, electronic articles, and another household stuff.

EBTH offers services in 22 markets across the US and thus, your old furniture can get clients among home buyers.

After registration EBTH sends personnel at your home. They asses your furniture or any other stuff you want to sell and sets a price. EBTH personnel has skills in accessing things. This service helps you to get your used furniture higher and expected price. 

2. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy, this website is somewhere different from others. As this site provides a list of articles which helps the people to find the best and suitable furniture to decorate their home.

On this site, you can make your own marketplace where you can advertise your own furniture and can also determine its price. In addition to that this site doesn't charge anything for this marketplace

You need to pay this site around $4 to $400 depending upon how quickly you want to sell your furniture. 

3. Chairish

Chairish offers a full scope of services for selling used furniture. After joining, this organization sends a keeper to your area to survey everything and verify claims you make on the ads. 

This is good to both-seller and purchaser.

When your furniture finishes this test, you can show them on their site. There are separate categories in which you can list your furniture like Bedroom, living room, dining area, etc. 

For all this service, Chairish charges you 20% fee on the sold value of your furniture. 

This site also gives a two days return policy to clients to return the used furniture. Thus, you need to wait for this period to pass before receiving payments.

4. Viyet

Viyet is perfect in the event that you are selling used furniture and home-style things worth the US $1,000 or above. But: the problem is, you can only sell furniture from reputed brands on Viyet. furniture from common brands is not accepted here.

Here too, Viyet sends a person to check out your furniture you want to sell. that person analyses your furniture and determines the rate. that person considers various factors during this like Brand name, condition, style, etc.

Viyet charges 50 percent commission of your deal sum for under 20 things and 60 percent for more at least 21 things.

Also, the purchaser pays for all shipping charges here.

5. Furnishare

You can list you used furniture on Furnishare for free. This is a very simple process. Click some pictures of your item you want to sell.

After you join this site, Furnishare sends a person to your area to verify the furniture that you want to list on their websites.

An important point to note is, Rate of your furniture is determined by Furnishare. But, you need to request an offer, which is up to 40 percent of the selling cost showed on the site

After your furniture gets sold, Furnishare will arrange for the pick-up and delivery of the used furniture from your location.


That is it for today guys, I hope you like this Article about Best Places to Sell your Used Furniture.

You can always to go for Sell it yourself option but third-party sites are necessary for such deals if you don't have time. But, one thing is confirmed that you definitely going to get more money than just throwing your furniture in the trash.

Let me know, How you would like to sell your used furniture? Do you prefer online sites or Local Dealers?

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