5+ Best Ways to Get Paid to Test Products from Home for Free

Hi friends, do you want to earn money by just testing products. Then let me tell you this is the right place for you.

Testing product jobs is one of the exciting and easy ways to earn money online.

You can easily make some money at your home as this job can be both fun and rewarding. Might it sound crazy but believe me product testing job is a real thing.

get paid to test products jobs

Companies are always looking for people who can test their products and give them feedback. For which in return they pay them.

In this article, I am going to tell you about such top 5 Legit ways to get paid to test products from home.

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Table of Content

  1. What types of reward you can get? 
  2. Why would Companies Pay you for your opinion?
  3. How Product Testing Jobs Works?
  4. Top 5 Legit Product Testing Jobs from Home
  5. How to Maximize your Earning from Product Testing job?
  6. Conclusion

Top 5 Ways to Get Paid to Test Products from home

Let's start with the first one.

1. Feature Points:

Feature point is a very exciting and a fun way to make money.

For earning reward points you just have to download and test the apps. In some cases, you can also earn reward point just by downloading the app and using it for some time.

By taking surveys and online shopping also provide you some points by FeaturePoints.

Points you earned are redeemable for gifts including PayPal, Amazon, and Bitcoin.

Click here to Sign up

2. One Opinion:

One Opinion is a product testing website. To get complete-access to this site, you need to pass one pre-qualifying test.

But, the best thing about this website is that you can also earn a reward point and get paid even if you don't pass the pre-qualifying questions.

You can also get paid up to $100 per trial. You can receive several invites each month if you are the most loyal OneOpinion member.  

But, many of them don't let you make $100 per test.

Points you earned are redeemable for gifts, PayPal cash or a Visa debit card.

Click here to Sign up

3. Daily Goodie Box:

Daily Goodie Box lists new product sample regularly. You can get a sample box if you qualify.

As this way doesn't give you cash or cards but you will get free full-size products in front of your door.

You have to leave an online review of that sample which shows that you have used that sample.

You can look for new samples on their sites or on their social media pages.  You have to explain why should you receive a sample.

Hows it works:
  1. Become a member: which is fully free to join
  2. Get a Goodie Box
  3. Leave an online review: about products in your box
Click here to Join

4. UserTesting:

This site does not have a traditional product testing.

As this Usertesting is focused on Digital business. The member of this Usertesting tests apps or websites for earning money.

For becoming a tester on a UserTesting there is no need of specialization. If you are good at observation or noticing small details then this is the best place for you to earn money.

For example, the app crashes every time when you save data. 

Each test takes around 20 minutes with 99% acceptance of UserTesting.

Such tests pay $10 through PayPal.But unfortunately, you cant participate in all of the tests.

Join UserTesting

5. Get Paid to Test Makeup:

Some Programs allows people to test their cosmetic products for free and also pay them for this.

It might sound fake but believe me, it is real.

This is all before those products are even published in the market.
That means you just have to try their makeup products or other cosmetics.

Payment details are sparse on their sites but Prepaid Visa gift cards seem to be the norm.

The best thing about this program that it is inclusive. As anybody can join this and they email you if you are eligible to participate in the test.

You can also expect to be treated fairly and professionally as a company is reputed. So, it is clear to say that this program is highly trusted.

Click here to Join

6. Vindale Research:

Vindale is different from others as a product tester gets only cash. 

According to me getting cold harsh cash rather than gifts or any other physical products is not terrible either. 

Vindale Research also offers a bonus to new users. They gave $2 for signing-in. You can get up to $50 per survey.

In Vindale Research Users have to Apply for a survey. After that, they have to answer some questions to know if they are eligible.

If the Users get selected then they have to answer questions about products they have used in the past for which they get rewarded with cash. Cash can be withdrawn through PayPal.

This way is simple and you can easily make some money from Vindale Research.

Last Words 

I hope you like this article about the top ways to get paid to test products. 

As you can see, the testing product is an exciting and easy online job. If you follow any of the way given above then you can easily make some money.

Have you are going to try any of the way given here? If yes, then in you are definitely going to earn some extra money by testing products.

Tell me, what do you think about these kinds of jobs? Also, P.S  share this article with your friends and family.

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