How to Make Money on Snapchat: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you curious to know about how to make money from Snapchat?

Let's face it:

Snapchat is a big and very Popular Social Media network too, even when Instagram is highly dominated dominating over it nowadays.

It still remains relevant and you can utilize it to engage with your followers and potential customers. Peoples want to hear what you have to say only if you have something that provides some value.

Not only you can use it as a Normal Social Media Platform but also you can easily transform it into a money-making machine.


Today I'm going to discuss how to make money from Snapchat in 2019.

You can easily earn some money from Snapchat If you use some of my proven tactics.

So, where to start?

make money from snapchat

Follow this complete Step-by-Step Guide to do the same.

In fact:

These are the same tips that I’ve used to grow my Snapchat Accounts and thus my Earning through Snapchat.

So whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned pro, you’ll love the powerful tactics in this guide.

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Let’s dive right into it:

Here I am providing you a complete Step-by-Step guide to make money on Snapchat.

Table of Content:

  1. Building Followers on Snapchat
  2. How does Snapchat Works?
  3. How to Promote your Bussiness on Snapchat?
  4. Other ways Monetize your Snapchat Followers
  5. Bonus Tips to Make Money on Snapchat.
  6. Some FAQ's related to Snapchat.
  7. Last Words

Let's dive in guys:

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Building Followers on Snapchat

This is the First and very Obvious Step.

From this point,

The only thing you need to do is - try to get the attention of the audience towards your content. (Snaps posted on your Snapchat account)

Everything begins with increasing your followers and this will guarantee that your efforts are being seen.

then the initial step is to Building Followers who will see your Snapchat Profile and your Stories.

Let see how?

  • Add your all Friends and Contacts first.

    Snapchat is not the only Social Media Platform. Most of you (Even Everybody!) are on other social channels.

    So, the First step is to ask your friends if they like your content and if they can follow you.

    Also, you need to send this request to your family members and other relatives.

    Come on, Don't be shy!

make money on Snapchat

    When you're new in the market, nobody cares about you. at such time, this is your core audience.

    They can give you feedback about your marketing strategy or about your product and services.

    Either you can contact them using other social platforms or pitch them directly by sending them a Polite Email.

    You can use the feature called "Include from Contacts" to see who is active on Snapchat from your Contact list.

    You're this Simple Step gives you an initial boost and Engagement.

After you've added your friends and relatives,

What next?

  • Try to Build Connections with People on Snapchat

    This is the kind of beginner strategy to give you your first 500 or maybe first 1000 followers.

    (Skip this step if you have a well-established Snapchat account.)

    You just need to follow other peoples on Snapchat. Follow your friends, their friends, popular peoples in your locals, and some accounts that you like.

    There are chances that, they'll give you a follow back in return.

    • Add your Snapchat username to the subreddit:

      Everybody is now on Reddit. You probably hear that "Reddit is the First Page of the Internet."

      (Don't know about the Reddit, Here's the beginner guide to use Reddit.)

      Hey, do you want to get a targeted audience to your account?

      Who Doesn't?

      Adding your Snapchat Username to Subreddit (r/snapchat) opens an opportunity for users to contact you and of course, to follow you.

    make money off snapchat

      One thing that you need to know is,

      Redditers smells marketers way easier than you think! Thus don't just go to subreddit and start promoting yourself.

      Engage with other peoples, upvote their posts, make comments on them. In simple words, be Social! 

      You need to keep interacting in the subreddit to get most out of it.

    • Try to get Shout-Out from Popular Influencers in your Niche

      Now and again, you can try to convince one of the Popular Influencer with higher Following in your niche to give you a shout-out.

      (Shoutout is nothing but  'Share your Snapcode in one of their snap.)

    make money with snapchat

      Why Shout-out is important for you?

      When you're new in the game when you don't have that much exposure, at that time you won't get an expected result even if your content is outstanding.

      You might need to pay for such Shout-outs from privately owned businesses and prominent people.

      But believe me, It going to help you in the long run.

      Also, once you start getting some followers, you can create one Snap Group of Peoples who have higher followers than yours.

      Then you can use the method called "SFS" (Shoutout for Shoutout).

    Read More about this Topic Here: How to get Shoutouts on Snapchat?

    Don't want to pay to get a shout-out? Then, you'll love the next Step.

    • Use Other Platforms to advertise your Snapchat Account

      There are some very popular Social Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram available on the Internet.

      And the best part is "They are free to Use."

      You can easily leverage these Platforms to promote your Snapchat account and in results increasing your followers.

      Here're some tips to do the same:

      1. Show your Snapcode as a temporary profile picture to give people on your friend list that how they can follow you.
      2. Show your Snapcode by posting stories on Facebook, Whatsapp and on Instagram.
      3. Post your Snapcode wherever you go on the Web. (Crazy, right?)
      4. Post it on your blog or YouTube Channel (If any.)
      5. And That's Set!

    • Be consistent

      What do I mean by Consistency?

      One thing that always you need to keep in mind, When it comes to social media, Consistency is the thing that beats almost everything else.

      If you don't believe me? Ask any Social Media Influencer.

      Thus be Active on your Account, be consistent with your follower and on time this will help you to grow your followers exponentially.

    • Encourage your existing followers

      There is a feature in the Snapchat. If you press and hold on the snap story, you can forward that story to other peoples.

      That's right:

      You also need to do the same. Encourage your Followers, Ask them if they can share your Story with their other friends.

    • Paid Promotion

      If you want to increase your followers in a short time and If you're also ready to spend some money on this, then this tactic is for you.

      Let's take the example of Facebook Ads.

      First Create FB Ad containing relevant snaps to your niche and of course your Snapcode.

      Now the only thing you need to do is, Display that Ad to your Targeted audience.

      In Facebook, you also get an option to target peoples from a specific region. but your cost can vary accordingly.

      for example:

      If you target peoples from USA, UK, CANADA etc then your cost will be highest. but on the other side, if you target countries like Egypt, India, in short Asian Countries then your cost will be low.

      You can also go for Youtube Ads which is cheaper than Facebook ads.

    If you follow these tactics, you can see over time your followers will increases like no before.

    Now, Before we head over to ways to make money from Snapchat,

    Let see:

    How does Snapchat Works?

    Here're some great resources about this:

    1. How do Snapchat works? plus, How to find Gender-Swap Lenses.
    2. Everything you need to know about Snapchat.
    3. How to use Snapchat: A Guide for Beginners
    Finally, We head over to your Awaited Section, Make money from Snapchat.

    How to Promote your Business on Snapchat?

    If you have any kind of Service or Any product to offer, you can make money from snapchat by promoting it on your snapchat account.

    Let see how you can leverage the Snapchat for your business.

    1. Post your Story Often:

    2. Once you have created your Snapchat Account and gain some followers, then you need to make sure that you're active.

      Your Snaps get disappear after 24 Hours.

      Thus to keep your followers engage you to need to post content often. Also, this keeps your brand fresh in your follower's mind.

      So, The Thumb Rule is - Post your story at least once a day.

    3. Create Custom Filters and Lens:

    4. People love to use filters and lenses nowadays.

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      If you created your custom Filter, this estimate that, your filter (Brand) is reached out to 16 million snapchat users.

      This strategy is more effective since Filters are mostly funny and spread very rapidly in the friend circle.

    5. Utilize User-Generated Content:

    6. You can ask your followers to send you pictures and videos in which they are using your products or maybe interacting with your brand in one or other way.

      The Only thing you need to do is, Repost this content to your Snapchat Story.

      Not only this increases your Engagement but also leads to brand awareness.

    7. Take Advantage of Social Influencers:

    8. Celebrities and Social Influencers already have a great following on their channels.

      If you took advantage of this and promote your Brand through them then, Your product gets exposure to a much larger audience.

      You need to Pay to these Influencers unless you had any other kind of mutual agreement.

      "If Peoples Aren't Commenting on your Snap Story, You need to change your Strategy and Style"

    9. Offers and Discount for your Products:

    10. Do you want more sales for your Product?

      Discount and Offers are great ways to achieve this goal.

      You can post some offers and kind of promo-code to avail it on your Snapchat story. Believe me or not, this will be going to increase your Sales.

    11. Promote your New Product:

    12. When you're going to launch your new product, you can easily Advertise it through your Snapchat Stories.

      This will give you an initial boost to your product.

    Snapchat Monetization is not limited to this only.

    There are many other ways with which you can monetize your Snapchat Followers even if you don't have any product to promote.

    Let see, How?

    Other Ways to Monetize your Snapchat Followers

    You can utilize any of the below ways to make money from your Snapchat account.

    Let's discuss them.

    1. Make your own custom Snapchat filter.
    2. This is one of the Tactics that I loved.

      Why? You can use utilize this way to promote your product too.

      In another way, you can create Snapchat Filters for companies and organization and get paid from them.

      Don't forget to Checkout these Resources about Custom Snapchat Filters.

      1. Everything you need to know about Snapchat GeoFilter.
      2. How to make Snapchat Filter in 11 Easy Steps.
      3. Create Unique and Eye-Catching Snapchat Geofilters with Canva

    3. Attached your website with your Snapchat account.

    4. If you're a blogger (Just like me) then you know the value of targeted traffic to your blog.
      make money from snapchat
      You can use the Snapchat for the same. You can promote your new articles on your Snapchat account and send users to your website.
      If you don't have any website or blog, Here's the complete guide to creating it.

    5. Advertise for a Brand on Snapchat.

    6. Many big companies are continually watchful for powerful clients who may most likely draw the attention of their potential customers to their items or services.


      This is not going to happen overnight. First, you need to build and grow your Following. (we already discuss it #1)

      When you reach some level, Brands started coming to you with offers. In this manner, you can make money just by mentioning that particular brand in your story or any Snap.

    7. Sell your Shoutouts to other Users:

    8. In our #1 Section, we cover why you should buy Shoutouts from Popular peoples to grow your followers.

      There are many other peoples who are struggling to grow their Snapchat followers.

      You can get paid just to mention a Snapcode (of your Client) in your story or in simple Snap.

    Bonus Tips for making money from Snapchat

    1. Be persistent and Consistent.
    2. Building a gainful Following on Snapchat may take a great deal of time and efforts, Be ready for that.
    3. Take Care of your Followers, Don't recommend anything that you're not sure about.
    4. There's no get-rich plan with regards to advancing yourself via online Social networking media like Snapchat.
    5. Make your username something unique and simple to pronounce.
    6. Choose your name, picture, and story that something related to your own personal brand.
    7. Try to keep your application up-to-date so that you can exploit the most recent and most dominant features.
    8. Organize meetups with your followers in different cities and even in nations.

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    Some FAQ's on the make money from Snapchat

    Here I cover the top most asked question about Snapchat on different forums. If you have any question, you can ask me in the comment section.

    1. What is Premium Snapchat?

    This is one of the features offered by Snapchat. If anyone creates it's premium Snapchat account then, to watch his stories you need to pay him.

    This is commonly used to share sexual, adult content by models on the Snapchat.

    They accept payments through Snapcash, PayPal and Google Pay.

    2. How to Make a Premium Snapchat?

    There are two ways, with which you can get started with premium Snapchat. Of course, you must be over the age of 18 to even consider it.

    The Hard Way - (Social Media Promoting and self-marketing)

    If you want to start premium snapchat and want to do everything manually without using any tool, then this might be a lengthy and little bit tough task to do.

    You need to build your huge loyal followers first. In order to get those followers, you’ll have to promote yourself via your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc).

    Obviously, these methods of promoting your SnapChat are going to be slow and can take several months to years in order to build a loyal fan base that engages with your content BEFORE you can start to ask them for money.

    And you must be posting/engaging with your followers on a daily basis, if not multiple times a day, which could put a strain on you as well. 

    The Short cut - (Using Premium Snapchat Sites)

    There are many such services (sites) out there who have a huge audience which is only looking for premium snapchat services like yours.

    These sites promote your account for free with automated shout outs and all other things.

    but you need to pay a little fraction of your premium snapchat earning to these sites.

    3. How does Snapchat Make Money?

    So, you want to know, How Snapchat make money?

    Short and Sweet Answer to this Question:

    • Snap Ads
    • Geofilters
    • Sponsored Lens Filters
    • Discover
    • Sports Partnerships
    there are also some other ways through which Snapchat makes Billions of Dollars every year.

    4. What to look for when you buy a Snapchat Account?

    First thing you need to check is Views on that Account are Real and Authentic.

    Also, look for what type of followers are there. (you can't sell Video Games to females who loves Cloths.)

    5. How can you know your Snapchat Follower Count?

    There is no sure shot and accurate method for this. but one thing you can do to get an approximate idea about your snapchat followers count.

    Just see, How many views your Snapchat Story got in 1 day?

    Here, one thing you need to know is, Only 2/3 of the Followers are opened Snapchat on a daily basis. thus multiply your views by *1.5 to get a more accurate number.

    6. What is my Favorite Snapchat Filter?

    I love the Dog Filter most. (of course)

    Which one is your favorite?

    7. How does the new Snapchat Update affect you?

    New Snapchat update makes it more difficult to get more and more views and always on the top of the Snap feed by posting lots of content throughout the day. 

    So, you need to be more interactive with your followers now. More you do this, more you're going to appear in their chat feed.

    Also, try to make your all Snap stories public and geo-targeted. this increases your chances that more peoples find you.

    (If you want to know my opinion, I not that much happy with this Snapchat update, are you?)

    Now it's your turn:

    I hope you enjoy my strategies and so-called tactics about How to make money from Snapchat.

    Now I want to hear from you:

    To which strategy you are excited to give a try?

    Are you going to promote any of your product or go with the affiliate marketing or any other monetizing way? 

    Also, you can put your Snapcode here, so your account might get some initial followers.

    If you like this article, P.S. Share this with your friends. 

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