13 Effortless Ways to Earn Money by Playing Games Online in 2020

When your Mom always says Playing Video Games is just a waste of time and make your mind to mush.

But, the actual truth is, Time is changed. Now, you can easily Earn good  Money by playing games online. If you love to play games (just like me!) then why not get paid to play and win them.

For this gig, you don't need to buy a PlayStation or Xbox or any other gaming console. All you need is one computer (or laptop) with an internet connection and that's it!

It is not necessary to be a pro-gamer in order to get paid. you can make money by playing games for free.

earn money by playing games online

So, let's come to the point and discuss different possible ways to do the same.

Here's the deal:

Ways to Make Money by Playing Games in 2020

There are three major ways to get paid through gaming.

  • Play Games on the side for Fun
  • Video Games Jobs/Career
  • Make Money with Online Casinos

Let's start with the first.

#1. Play Games on the Side for Fun

Let's face it:

1. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks began as an online reward program that gave peoples rewards for utilizing the Swagbucks internet searcher.

Nowadays, Swagbucks convert itself into a gaming site. (it also offers a lot more!)

This site provides an opportunity for gamers to get paid by playing different games. Almost all the games here are very funny and simple to play.

You can redeem you're earning to your PayPal account or redeem them as Amazon gift vouchers, different coupons, and a few other astounding prizes.

Click Here to Sign up.

2. Exodus3000:

This game is standout in almost all other famous multiplayer RPG games.

Here, you are transported into a future time period, which is around a long time from now. The amusement story manages that the Earth is never again a supportable living planet due to a disastrous occasion.

You need to discover "Mars Dollars" (it is the money of the game) directly from their home base.

This Game money you can redeem as real cash after you achieve a certain threshold level. You get $20 for 300,000 Mars Dollars.

After joining, you get 5,000 free Mars Dollars as an appreciated reward.

Click Here to Join.

3. Play Rummy:

This is a standout amongst the most fascinating online gaming locales where you can earn a good amount of cash. (It's likewise my personal top choice.)

This online rummy game is completely possessed and worked by Innopark India Pvt Ltd.

You can also download this game which is available for free at Google Play Store and Apple application store.

Some other points to keep in mind are secure, simple game environment, Instant payouts and 24/7 day in and day out help.

Click here to Visit their Site

4. Second Life:

This is one of the greatest online gaming sites. This site has in excess of 2 million dynamic gamers, with each interacting with each other using their avatar picture (a 3D character).

Land exchanging (buying and selling virtual properties) is generally played here.

Besides, you can take part in other exercises like garments/clothing, making and moving content, gadgets, and performing at occasions and roadshows.

Click to Sign up for Second Life.

5. PaidGamePlayer:

It is a kind of challenging gaming site.

On this site, there are 500+ online games for you. Here, you can also play against other gamers in interacting games for prizes.

Here you will see two different levels: One is basic (It's free) and another is Premium (this cost you $5 per month).

Premium membership gives you double bonus points, full access to the game, and the initial 1000 points reward.

But, you can earn a good amount with basic membership along with playing interesting games. 

Click Here to Join PaidGamePlayer.

6. Skillz:

This is an online multiplayer gaming platform where you can register yourself to play various games.

All Skillz games are portable games that you can easily play on your Android or iOS smartphone.

When you sign up on Skillz you can add your credit card details to your profile on the off chance that you need to participate in cash games.

You can compete with different players here to win genuine money. You should make an underlying store to take part in real money games.

You can redeem your earning whenever you need. All in consideration, you should give a try to this platform.

Now, let's move further to the second way of making money from games.

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#2. Video Games Jobs

Let's discuss this:

1. Gaming YouTube Channel:

As we all know, youtube is the largest site in the world.

If you like to play games then you can easily earn a good amount of money from youtube.

All you need to do is, create engaging and quality content for other peoples who like games. (just like you and me!)

Starting a new gaming youtube channel is not that difficult these days. Also, it doesn't cost you any money.

You can start recording gaming videos either with your pc or even with your smartphone. 

If your channel grows then you have to start giving more better content with a good presentation. More people watch your content the more you start earning money from advertising and sponsorships.

Content is very important in youtube channels. Whether it is a gaming channel or of others.

 So, if you really wanted to earn money from gaming channel so I can only suggest you one thing that your content should be good.

Some of the famous gaming channels on youtube are PewDiePie, Carryislive, etc.

2. Gaming Twitch Channel:

If you don't know this platform then let me tell you that this is the live streaming video service for gamers.

This platform gains lots of support from gaming fans around the world. 

In this platform, you can either go with the paid subscription or with the free plan too. Paid subscription cost you from $4.99 to $24.99. But if you are a beginner I recommend you to go with a free one. 

Lots of gamers have made this service as their full-time job after making a good living through their channels. but, you need to understand that, as you sign up, it won't guaranty your success.

If you're serious about this, you definitely going to make your channel successful over the period of time.

3. Game Testers:

As a Game Tester, you get paid for testing and at the same time for playing video games. isn't it cool?

In this job, you're allowed to play (test) game before the game is published in the market. All you need to do is play that game and give feedback on different aspects of it.

In this way, they will come to know about any bugs in their game. You can work for any game production company. (even for Rockstars Games)

But, if you want to do this for part-time, there is a site called GameTesters where you can do this job.

You need to finish a little test before you are employed as a game tester. They will sign a contract with you as indicated by their necessities and your ability to play games.

In the event that you are chosen as a game tester, you can earn up to $50-$200 per hour day by day.

4. Video Game Developer:

On the off chance that you wind up analyzing graphics and other highlights of games, you might be interested in video game developer.

There are numerous online projects that will introduce you with the universe of video game designs.

These instructive platforms show you the skills essential so as to create and develop new games for the market. 

For those peoples, who are familiar with some coding and design skill, building games and assembling a strong portfolio could lead to a gaming developer position.

5. Gaming Technical Support:

Definitely, you have been spending lots of time on your phone daily.

 If a person which is your friend or any other one who can't seem to get past a level in a game. Then you can diagnose what could be wrong with their gaming system before they ask for any other technical support.

 In the gaming industry communication and problem-solving skills can also lead to a full-time career.

Professionals can make between $35,000 to $40,00 dollars per year.

#3. Play Games in Online Casinos

Let's get into it:

1. Bovada:

There are countless gambling clubs on the web, yet not every one of them is managed by decent specialists.

A large portion of the locales are not lawful or authorized without a doubt. So, it is necessary to go for a reliable website for online money-making games.

And Bovada is one of them. Here you get 300+ games to play with.

You can even place bid on different games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Video Poker, and Virtual Slots.

2. Red Flush Casino:

Red Flush Casino is present in the market since 2008. Thus we can trust on it.

On this site, you get 700+ games to play. Red Flush Casino offers online slots and table games like blackjack, poker, baccarat, and craps.

They have an option to play a free version to test your skills before you actually deposit your money.

Last Words

So, that is it for today guys. I hope you like this article on Earn money by playing games for free.

Now, I want to hear from you:

Which game do you like the most and excited to try? Are you going to Join Swagbucks, Second Life or any other?

Please tell me in the comment section and also don't forget to share this list with your gamer friends!

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