Top 13 Legit ways to Get Paid To Write Reviews Online

Get Paid To Write Reviews online

Do you like to share your opinion about any product or service you used? Do you like to write your review for any product?

Who Doesn't?

Thus I came with this Article where I'm going to tell you how you can Get Paid to Write Reviews?

When I say Online Shopping, what comes to your mind first? O
ne big player comes to my mind is Amazon.

Do you know, 75% of the Online Consumers from the USA buy their stuff from Amazon. (Tweet This)

But, there are also some other e-commerce sites that are trying to get the attention of peoples on their site and products.


If there are some places where you can get paid to write reviews for products.


Today, I'm going to tell you exactly how you can earn money writing reviews about products and services?

Yes, you read it correctly.

There are a number of places out there where you can make money by providing your first-hand experience of their product.

Some of them pay you cash while some give you free products for your review. And Also, it’s way easy than you think.

I'll tell you everything you need to know, Just stay with me.

You don’t have to be a great reviewer, In fact, anyone can make money by writing reviews.

Here's the Deal:

Table of Content:

  1. Can you really make a good amount of cash by writing paid reviews?
  2. Why would a company pay you to write reviews?
  3. Risks involved in writing paid reviews for money.
  4. My Tips on writing good paid-reviews
  5. Write Reviews on your own site or blog.
  6. Write reviews on other’s (Paid-reviews services) sites.
  7. List of Top 10 Paid-Review Sites
  8. My view on Writing Fake Paid Review
  9. Last Words

Let's start with our first question.

Can you really earn good money by writing paid reviews?

Yes, Definitely!

But, Don't believe me. At the end of this article, you can easily make your decision whether you want to start with an online product reviewer's job or not.

But before that, take a look at this:

Let's move further...

Why would companies pay you to write Reviews?

There are many companies and organizations out there which pay you to write your opinion about their products.


Competition is growing exponentially like a Snow-ball.

Reviews and Opinions from peoples like you and me are very important for companies in order to get their brand (or any product) in front of their potential customers.

Let’s take an example of Amazon.

When was the last time you brought something from Amazon without checking its reviews and star rating?

. . . .

So, to stand out from others and to increase their sales these seller companies utilize the method called Paid-Reviews.

Now, you understand the importance of positive reviews for any seller company.

"Paid-Reviews is a part of Internet Marketing." (Tweet This)

Now, let move further and see what are some risks factors involved.

Risks Involve in getting Paid to Reviews 

Some companies are willing to get your review on E-commerce sites where their products are listed while some want to get your opinion on a blog or any other site.


Before you start this online product review job,,

Pay attention to This:

Write a review for money on E-commerce site is against their Terms & Conditions.

Thus I recommend you to set up a new account for this purpose. 

Since your regular account may get banned and your prime membership (if any) may get revoked due to these invalid activities.

Now, you’re one step close to earning money with paid reviews.

My Tips: Get paid to write Reviews

get paid to write reviews

If you want to start earning money by writing reviews and posted your opinion about the products, here are some tips that definitely going to help you with your online paid-reviews job.

  1. Be honest.
  2. Always mention the pros and cons of that product.
  3. If you found the product quality is poor then feel free to mention it in your review.
  4. Don’t just say, “This Product is Sucks”. Write about what is wrong with that product.
  5. Only reviews those products that you personally used or tried.
  6. Try to write reviews about some product you used currently before you apply for Paid-Review services.
  7. Write reviews by considering what types of customers are reading it. (Ex. Age group, location, etc.)
  8. Don’t forget to write about your recommendation for that product.

Now, you’re ready to make money by writing Paid-Reviews Online.

Writing Reviews jobs are of two types:

  1. On your own sites or blog
  2. On other Paid-Review service provider sites

Let's see, how to get started with your blog.

Write Paid-Reviews on your Blog or Website:

Writing reviews of a product on your own blog have its own benefits.

for a sec, let's assume you choose the second option (Paid-Review service provider Sites) then,

When you stop writing reviews, from that point your cash flow gets cut off and your earning stopped.

But, when you write your reviews on your blog:

Once you write a review and hit publish, it is permanent and stays on the web for a lifetime (unless you don't remove it.).

What do you need for this:

  1. Any Niche (Topic) that you like
  2. Your Own Blog
  3. Best Affiliate Program
Firstly, Let's talk about creating your blog.

Listen, Creating your own blog is not a big task nowadays.

Either you can create a blog easily with Wordpress or simply go with free alternative blogging platforms out there.

But, before that:

How you can choose your blogging niche?

Some niches have the potential to earn more money online than others but at the same time, they are also competitive.

Thus, don’t just go with the commission you get, check if you have any interest in it.

You can choose anything. Like:

  1. Pets
  2. Web Hostings
  3. Sports
  4. Food
  5. Fish
  6. Book review
  7. Electronics and the list are going on...

Here are some resources to choose a profitable niche:

Once you choose your niche, the next step is to create a Blog. Let see how you can create your blog with super easy and simple steps.

Here’s is the complete guide on How to Create a Blog:

Here's the best article to start a new blog from Harsh Agrawal

After you created and set up your blog,

then let’s come to the Affiliate Marketing.


What is Affiliate marketing?

If you're a complete beginner to the Affiliate Marketing, I recommend you to read this guide about affiliate marketing first.

Affiliate Programs are places on the web where many Businesses gather together and promote their products and services through peoples like you and me.

What is your role?

Choose an Affiliate Programs out there, and also decide which product or any service you want to write a review about.

For a beginner, I’ll recommend to go with Affiliate Programs like Peerfly or share a sale.

Then, you can create your special (affiliate) link from your chosen affiliate program.

Now, write reviews on your blog about products you want to promote and paste your affiliate link in the appropriate place.

Every time when someone clicks on that link and buy that product or subscribed to that service then, You get paid some commission!

Write reviews on other’s Sites (Paid-reviews services)

If you want to choose this method to go, then you probably don’t want to suck in blogging and affiliate links.

Here I am providing you the list top 10 sites that provide you platform to write Paid-review and you can get paid to write reviews there.

In the below list, I cover both types of platforms. This means, Some of these sites give you real cash for writing your opinion while some of them give you free products for review.

So, it doesn’t matter that you’re a good writer or not, you get paid from these sites for writing your opinion there.

Top 10 ways to get paid to write reviews 

Let's see:

A. Write reviews for Amazon products

As I already told you, Amazon is the No. 1 E-commerce site in the world.

If you are searching for a platform for reviewing Amazon's products and earn some money then Take a look at this:

1. Fiverr

As it comes to the get paid to write reviews, here's the one funny thing about Fiverr and Amazon.

Fiverr used to be immersed with fake paid reviews offers, and keeping in mind that Fiverr completely complied with Amazon and banned those types of gigs. 

but there are plenty of peoples are still trying to make some money out of this.

But the most interesting fact is:

some gigs even contain a word Amazon in their title.

get paid to write reviews online


Fiverr has a sound blend of all products, books, and Amazon reviewers gigs.

keeping in mind that tons of sellers are competing with the expectation of complimentary products in return for their work,

while some clearly expect money for a fast Amazon survey or 5-star rating.

2. Private Facebook Groups:

Due to some restrictions on Fiverr, Facebook groups are becoming more and more popular these days especially for Amazon reviews.

If I simply search for an 'Amazon Reviews' under groups section then a result I got is:

There are plenty of groups and FB pages are present and are active and update on a daily basis.

get paid to write reviews

Generally, here reviewers either get a free product or a massive discount on that product for providing positive feedback or a good rating.

Some of these groups I tried to join just for fun.

You can join most of those groups directly but, some groups required their members should be a seller on Amazon. 

B. Other Paid-Reviewing Websites

3. Slice the Pie:

You can join this site if you want to write reviews about songs, Fashion products, etc.

This site is started as a place where you can make money just by listening and rating music.

Your honest reviews help artists, and music brands to improve their work in the future.

Slice the Pie pays you on a weekly basis through PayPal cash.

(This site is closed now!)

3. Review Stream:

This is an International site that pays you to write a review about hotels, fashion products, Electronics items and many more.

You will get $2 for every review accepted.

When any user upvotes your review (find your review useful) then, you’ll also earn some more cash as a bonus.

This site is also paying you through PayPal.

Click here to visit the site.

4. User Testing:

Do you like to stick with your gadgets?

You can make money by testing websites and apps from your home.

All you need to do is, visit the mentioned website (or app) and performed some simple tasks. When you performed all those tasks you need to record your screen and also need to speak you thought about that website loudly.

That’s it!

And you get paid. For each 20 minute video you record, you will get $10. You can earn up to $60.

Here also you can receive your payment through PayPal cash.

Click here to visit the site.

5. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is also a good option to start with Paid-Review online.

Here, you can make money in two different ways.

The First way is to Complete the online paid-surveys. They ask you about your opinion on a specific brand or product.

And another way is, by testing products. You can sign up for promotional offers and leave your review thereafter testing the product.

You can also earn points for online shopping, watching videos, and even playing online games.

Click here to visit the site.

6. E-Pinions:

Best thing I like about this site is, You will get paid every time when anyone reads your review.

Thus, instead of spamming a site with fake reviews, this site only accepts genuine and worthwhile reviews.

Make sure you write your best and honest review of that product before you hit submit.

Click here to visit the site

7. Story Cartel:

This is one of the top-rated book-review sites.

You get a free copy of the book that you review on Story Cartel. You can also post your review either on their platform or on others like your own blog, Goodreads, Noble, and Amazon.

Click here to visit the site.

8. NetGalley:

This is another book review site established in 2008. So, this is pretty much older site and thus legitimate and reputable site.

Here, book authors give a pre-release copy of their book to you in exchange for an honest review of their book.

You can also request the book you want to get and want to write a review about.

Click here to visit the site.

9. MySurvey:

(This site is shifted to a new name "LifePointPanel".)

This is a kind of Paid-Survey site that actually pays you for giving your reviews and feedback about different brands and products. 

You get some points called life points as you successfully complete the survey. These points can be redeemed to money or gift cards.

Click here to visit the site.

10. FameBit:

FameBit is a completely different type of platform than mentioned above.

Here, you can get a sponsorship for your content whether it is on your YouTube channel, your Instagram account or Twitter account. 

You can submit proposals for sponsorship to the brands you are interested in. Don’t forget to mention how you’re going to promote them and What is your promotional fees.

Once you complete your promotion and share it with your fans and followers then your payment credited to your account either with PayPal cash or Cheque.

Click here to visit the site.

11. Qmee:

This platform is an alternative to the Swagbucks.

Qmee pays you when you write a review about any brand or any other service.

With this site, you can also earn money by searching the Internet and by online shopping.

You can redeem your money to your PayPal account or redeem them as in gift card.

Click here to visit the site.

12. Social Toaster:

I think Social Toaster is the best site in this category.

The only thing you need to do is, share the products you love on your social media profiles.

You get points every time when someone clicks on it, like it, share it, comment on it, or even retweet it.

Just recommend some best products to your friends, and you can start earning points. You can redeem these points for different prizes.


A simple note on Writing a Fake Paid Review Online 

Before we head towards the conclusion of this post, One important thing I want to share with you.

I started this site to make you financially free and to provide you knowledge about different online jobs.

But, you can not just start writing paid reviews overnight.

Platforms like Amazon are getting advanced day-by-day and getting better at detecting frauds.

Their main goal is to reduce the spam as low as possible because such fake reviews reduce their reliability.

This reduces the trust of their user and ultimately it affects their revenue.

So, before you start writing fake paid reviews you need to do lot of unpaid honest reviews on amazon to create your good history in front of amazon's bots.

I hope, you got it, what I'm trying to say. 

Final conclusion about Getting paid to write reviews online:

I hope now you understand almost everything about "Get paid to write reviews".

As you saw here, There are so many ways to make money just by providing your opinion. but this is not limited to this:

According to my, you must give a try to paid-reviews.

Now, It’s over to you! I want to hear what's your opinion about "Get Paid to write reviews" and MyQuickCents.

Let see how you write your first review!

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