Top 5 PTC Sites | Get Paid to View and Click Ads

You know, Around 3.2 Billions of peoples has Internet access like you.

And day by day this number is going increasing continuously.

What if there is any way to start making money online while you have some free time.

PTC (Paid To Click Sites) Sites is one of the best options for you If you do not have any experience with Online Part-Time Jobs.

Get Paid to View and Click Ads with Top 5 PTC Sites


If you start working on PTC sites part-time and over time you get a boost in your earning.

or even better:

Many peoples are Dependent on PTC sites when they want to generate some extra bucks by working part-time.

But, Only Fractions of peoples are able to make money from this Online Job.

One major reason behind this is, They Join or get trapped by Scam PTC sites.

Lucky man! You don't have to worry about it.

We tested around 50+ of PTC sites available on the web and Here I came with Top best 5 PTC sites which offer you to get paid to click on ads. Let's Dive into it:

Table of Contents

  1. What are the PTC Sites?
  2. Why you should Join PTC sites?
  3. How do PTC Sites Work and Make Money?
  4. Which PTC Site should I Join?
  5. How to Register For PTC Sites?
  6. What are the Requirements to Join PTC sites?
  7. How and When I get Paid from these Sites?
  8. What is the Minimum/Threshold Payout?
  9. List of Top 5 PTC Sites.
  10. Some Tips to Increase Your Income.
  11. Conclusion

1. What are the PTC Sites?

PTC Sites (Tends for Paid to Click Sites ) is a kind of Online Business model that get traffic to their Site from peoples who wanted to make money online from their home.

These sites pay you cash to watch (video Ads) or Click on Ads.

Even you can say, PTC Sites is a middle person between the Advertisers and you.

On PTC sites there is a well-developed system where they can easily count how much time you click on ads, How much time you watch video Ads, etc.

According to me, It is the best and Easiest way to make money online from home without any Investment.

2. Why you should Join PTC Sites?

If you want to earn a couple of dollars by working part-time from your home then, PTC Sites are for you.


These are some Features and Benefits of PTC Sites:

  1. User-Friendly
  2. Free to Join
  3. Available worldwide
  4. Work from Home
  5. Any time Work
  6. Anywhere Work
  7. No Technical Skill Required
  8. No Investment
  9. Life-Time Earning
  10. No delay in Payment

3. How do PTC Sites Work and Make Money?

Many Online Businesses, Companies, Digital Marketers want to get traffic to their websites or even blogs.

So they Pay these PTC sites to show their Advertisement on the PTC site.

They know that PTC sites already have a lot of traffic from peoples who are ready to view ads or click on ads for some amount of money.

Thus, Marketers pay to these PTC Sites for placing their ad on site and some amount of that payment we will get after we click on ads.  
I hope you get an Idea about how this mechanism works. if not we will discuss it further in this post.

4. Which PTC Site Should I join?

This is an Important question.

You must check whether the site you are going to join is a genuine site or just a scam.

How can you Identify Scam Sites?

Here are some quick tips:
  1. Does offers they offer you are too good.
  2. Poor English (Grammer Mistakes) on the Contact page or About Us Page.
  3. Read Online Review of that PTC site.
Also, Checkout Payout rate of the site.

Generally, it is $0.001 for around 5-10 sec Ad. If it's payout rate is very high, then there are greater chances of scam.

As Legit Sites cares about their users, there is always a help-desk like forums, FAQ's, etc. So, check out for these pages.

Also, If any site changing their Privacy Policies and Disclaimer page again and again then you can consider it as a scam site.

After you confirm that your chosen site is genuine and not a scam, then the next step is to Sign up on it.

5. How to Register for PTC Sites?

Here is the deal:
  1. Go to
  2. Fill up the Registration Form.
  3. Log in to your Dashboard.
  4. Start your Earning.
Do not use Adblocker or any extension that blocks ads in your web browser.

Check out how to Disable Adblocker in your browser.

6. What are the Requirements to Join PTC Sites?

You want to start making money online with PTC Sites from your home.

So, you need a setup to start your work. What's the deal:
  • A PC or Laptop
  • An Internet Connection.
  • A Gmail Account (recommended)
  • A Bank Account
  • Paypal or Payza Account
  • Pancard (For Indians Only)
Once you have all this stuff, you are ready to go with PTC Sites.

7. When and How I will get Paid?

PTC Sites we are Mention below are mostly headquartered in Europe or North America.

Thus they can't send you money through Bank-to-Bank transfer. 

Instead, They use E-Commerce payment systems like Paypal or Payza.

Once you reached your Threshold Amount, you can redeem it through Paypal or Payza.

Then you can easily transfer that money to your bank account with a single click.

8. What is the Minimum/Threshold Payout?

Actually, it varies from Site to Site.

Generally, it is in between around $2 to $10.

Some PTC Sites pay you instantly as you request for withdrawal (after threshold reached).

But, Some of them are Delayed up to One Week or 5 Business Days.

So, Don't Panic and wait for your Payment to come.

List of Top 5 PTC Site (Legit) in 2019

Here, We Choose These Sites from All the PTC Sites available. 

But, Before joining these Sites, Read this First:
  • Never Create Multiple Account on these Sites.
  • Do not try to Use Proxy, VPN or VPS while working on them.

1. ClixSense:

Per Task $0.02
Per Referral Up to 20%
Maximum Ads Unlimited
Maximum Referral Unlimited
Minimum Payout $10
Payment Method Payoneer, Skrill

ClixSense is One of the big Player in this game.

Clixsense is in the market from 2007 under the ownership of Mr. Grago.

Even though, He started as a PTC Site but, now he removed to Paid to Click Section from ClixSense.

Now you can make money on ClixSense through Paid Surveys, Small Tasks, and Some other Offers.

2. Get-Paid:

Per Task It Depends
Per Referral It Depends
Maximum Ads Unlimited
Maximum Referral Unlimited
Minimum Payout $1
Payment Method Paypal, Webmoney, Skrill

Get-Paid is a GPT (Get Paid To) kind of program.

Here the registration is completely free and they accept the registration from worldwide.

On you can make money not only by Viewing and Clicking Ads but also with Paid Surveys, by Playing Games, Watching Videos, By referral, etc.

Here, Payment is processed twice per week.

3. Scarlet Clicks:

Per Click $0.001
Per Referral $0.005
Maximum Ads 50+
Maximum Referral Unlimited
Minimum Payout $2
Payment Method Skrill, Neteller, SolidTrustPay

Click Here to Sign Up for Scarlet Clicks.

4. Offer Nation:

Per Click $0.001 to $0.01
Per Survey It Depends
Per Offer Varies
Maximum Referral Unlimited
Minimum Payout $1
Payment Method Bitcoin, Skrill, Paypal

Offer Nation is another GPT (Get Paid To) Program that offers you to make money online by Taking Surveys, Get Paid to Click, By completing small Tasks, Watching Videos, etc.

On Offer Nation, you need to check for offer time to time in order to bring more opportunities.

5. NeoBux:

Per Click $0.001
Per Referral $0.005
Maximum Ads 50+
Maximum Referral Unlimited
Minimum Payout $2
Payment Method Skrill, Neteller

NeoBux is the King of PTC Sites.

It is one of the oldest and thus Trusted PTC Site on the Internet. 

NeoBux offers many ways to make money. It includes Click on Ads, Completing Small Tasks, Some Simple Offers, By playing Games, etc.

You can Register on NeoBux for Free.

Also, There are many Membership Plans are available there, If you want to Upgrade then you can, it's totally up to you.

6. GPT Planet:

Per Click $0.001
Per Referral $0.005
Maximum Ads 40+
Maximum Referral Unlimited
Minimum Payout $2
Payment Method Neteller, Skrill, SolidTrustPay

I know this is a list of Top 5 PTC Sites.

But, This is also a genuine and Truworthy site, So I Include it too. 

As name Suggest GPT Planet is also a GPT (Get Paid To) Site. 

Here Also you all the option to make money online like Clicking Ads, Watching Videos, Completing Small Tasks and other Offers.

It is also a trusty and Legitimate PTC site.

10. Some Quick Tips to Increase your Income from PTC Sites:

PTC Sites are one of the best ways to start making money online from home.

Since you can start earning money right after you log in to PTC Site.

Here are the quick Tips:
  • Firstly, Remove any kind of blocker present on your browser (As Explained Above)
  • Log in to your DashBoard on site every day to see all available offers.
  • Staying Active on Daily basis keep your standing and that leads to more Income.
  • You should work for a minimum of 1 hour on PTC Site every day.
  • Complete the Easy Tasks First.
  • Complete as many Tasks, Surveys and Offers as you can.
  • Once you reach to 100 referral members, upgrade your account to make more money.
If you properly apply for these tips and work genuinely work on (any of) these sites, you can easily make around $300 every single month by working part-time from your home.


We Mention only Top 5 PTC Sites Here.


The reason behind it is, There are many sites that a claim to pay their users for their work but are actually scam sites or are unable to survive in front of big players (Mentioned Above).

So, I hope you Enjoy this list of Top 5 PTC Sites of 2019.

It's Your Turn Now!

Which PTC Site from this list you are most excited to try first?

Are you going to Join NeoBux or ClixSense?

Let me know by dropping a quick Comment.

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