This is Why Peoples Love Online Data Entry Job from Home.

Do you want to work online to start your part-time secondary income?

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Imagine you start working online and you get an instant boost in your online earning.

If you think, your typing speed is good enough then Online Data Entry Jobs is the best option for you to start with.

online data entry jobs
What is Data Entry Jobs? and What are the Top Legitimate and Legal Sites where you find such Jobs online?

Lucky man!

That's exactly I'm going to share with you in this article.

In Fact,

I'll tell you How I started with these Online Data Entry Jobs? and How Much Money you can make from this job?

So, whether you are a Total Beginner or a Pro-Player of this field, You gonna love these Tips about Online Data Entry Jobs without any Investment.

Let's dive right into it:

Table Of Content

  1. What is Data Entry Job?
  2. How much you can earn from Data Entry Job?
  3. How can you do Data Entry Job from home?
  4. Is there any requirement of Investment?
  5. What are the types of Data Entry Jobs?
  6. How to Identify Scam Job Sites?
  7. Top 10 Data Entry Jobs to Start with.
  8. Some more Sources to get Data Entry Jobs.
  9. Conclusion

First of all,

1. What is Data Entry Job?

Data Entry simply means the input of Data using equipment like KeyBoard.

A Data Entry Operator is a person or an employee utilized to enter the information (Data) or refresh and Update the previous Data into a system of that organization.

Online Data Entry Job from Home

Usually, Information is in the forms of handwritten notes or in the forms of audios, etc.

So Data entry agent converts that Data into the Text form for a company.

We will discuss this furthermore!

2. How much you can earn from Data Entry Job?

Honestly, you can't completely rely upon this job.

As shown by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Data Entry keyers (not transcriptionists or typists) are paid a typical of nearly $14 consistently per hour.

But, this is for work vocations in physical workplaces - not for Data Entry operator working from home.

Online Data Entry Job from Home

For Online Data Entry Operator, it varies according to its speed and pays rate structure.

You can get about $7 to $13 per hour or about 3-4 Cents per Word.

3. How you can do Data Entry Jobs from Home?

Here's is a Step-by-Step process to start with Data Entry Job.
  1. Start through Freelancing sites.
  2. Make Sure website you work for is reputable.
  3. Look for full-time communication Job on Job board sites.
  4. Use social media to expand your reach.
  5. Complete a Phone Screening. (More Info.)
  6. Conduct an online Interview.
And you are Ready to do Online Data Entry job from your PC with the comfort of your home.

4. Do you need any Investment to Start with Online Data Entry Job?

No, Never.

You don't need to put any kind of investment (except your time) in this job.

Any site that asks for investment is probably a scam.

Some sites ask you for the registration fee, Don't join such program or sites.

We are going to discuss some legitimate and genuine sites for Online Data Entry Job further here.

5. What are the types of Data Entry Jobs?

There are various types of jobs.

But, Here I mention Top 10 Data Entry Jobs Types that you can do.

1. Form Filling:

Even Form Filling Jobs are not very common but you can still find them on the Internet.

In these Jobs, you need to fill the forms with the information given to you.

In some cases, you also need to find that information on your own.

2. Image to Text:

Next type is Convert Image into the text.

Images are provided to you contain some text material and you need to write it down into word document.

3. Survey Forms:

Filling Survey Forms is also a kind of Data Entry Job.

As the name suggests, you need to fill forms given by different survey sites.

4. Copy & Paste:

This is one of the Easy and thus Popular Job.

Here, you just need to copy text material from one doc file or Excel file to another.

You can find the Copy & Jobs Here.

5. Captcha Filling Jobs:

Captcha Entry job is one of the trending online part-time jobs.

Although You get a little bit less income here. But, this is an easy job and available to everyone.

You can find it Here.

6. Micro-Jobs:

There are many sites available on the Internet where you can join as a Micro-Worker and start your job.

Here you can earn about $200+ per month by performing simple tasks.

7. Content Writing:

This is a little bit different type of data entry job than others.

Here you need to write complete articles of your owns.

So, you need better writing skills than a fast typing skill.

You can find thousands of jobs on Upwork.

8. Email Processing:

This is an exciting job that you can do, I think.

In this job, you need to process the email and find out what their content is about.

You can find Email processing jobs here.

9. Catalog Data Entry Operator:

Here, you are going to play with the Excel sheet.

You need to create an Inventory contain serial number, Item name, it's Cost, etc.

This is like a regular Data Entry Job that pays well.

10. Formatting:

This job is only for peoples who have knowledge about MS word. 

Here, you need to format the complete work document.

So, you need to know about Indentation, Aligning, etc. You can finds tons of Formatting jobs here.

Besides these jobs, there are many other data entry jobs that you can find on the below sites.

6. How can you Identify Scam sites?

Dear visitor, be very careful while you are searching for Online Data Entry Job from home.

As you know, many scammers are there to fraud with you.

Online Data Entry Job from Home

Some of the common Signs that Scam websites have:

  1. Poor website design
  2. Poor Images and Site Logo.
  3. Fake Payment proof.
  4. Ugly long URLs.
  5. Personal Bank Account instead of Current account.
  6. No Postal Address.
  7. No Contact number.
  8. Bigger Pricing Plans.
Before Joining any Online Job, make sure you properly investigate that company or website.

So that you can stay away from the scams.

7. Top 10 Legitimate Online Data Entry Jobs without Investment:

1. Capital Typing:

This Company offers you a Data Entry Job from home without any Investment.

Click Here to Visit.

2. DataPlus:

This company is based in Georgia.

Here you get an Online Data Entry Job without any registration fee.

Click Here to Join.

3. QuickTate:

Here also you get an Online Job.

But, This company pays you per word.

Click Here to Visit.

4. ClickWorker:

This is a worldwide organization that gives you a remote Data Entry job to work from home.

Click Here to Sign up.

5. Amazon's Mechanical Turk:

Amazon's crowdsourcing division doesn't actually offer you a  traditional Data Entry Jobs.

Instead, they give you little tasks that are similar to data entry jobs.

Click Here to Visit.

6. DionData Solution:

To work for this company, you need a good typing speed.

Like a minimum of 60 words per minute.

They usually offer an Online Data Entry Jobs which are free to join.

Click Here to Join.

7. Birch Creek Communications:

They offer some Basic data entry jobs.

But, They mostly in search of Transcriptionists.

Click Here to Apply.

8. GorgeWarehouse:

Here also there is a condition for your typing speed.

And that is Minimum of 30 words per minutes.

Also, you need an Experience about word, Excel, Outlook, Access, FrontPage.

Click Here to Visit their site.

9. Axion Data Services:

This company offers a trusted Online Data Entry Jobs that pays you per piece of work.

Click Here to Visit.

10. AccuTran Global:

According to me, You should give a chance to this If you want to start with Online Data Entry Jobs.

Here you just need to fill up their application and you are ready to go!

Click Here to Join.

8. Where to Find More Legitimate Online Data Entry Jobs from home?

This is the list of different sources to find genuine online Jobs.

  1. Freelancing Sites like Upwork.
  3. Job portals like Indeed.
  4. Classified Sites
  5. Newspaper Ads
  6. Micro-Job Sites likes SmartCrowd.

9. Conclusion:

It's your turn Now!

I hope you like this Complete Guide about Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without any Investment.

Now, I want to hear from you:

So, which type of job you most excited to try?

Are going to give a chance to Form Filling or Content writing.

Let me know by leaving a Quick Comment!

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