33 Clever Ways to Make Money with your Smartphone

Which Apps you are currently installing on your Smartphone?

We all know:

In our free time, we just fade it off by using Social Sites or Watching YouTube videos or by Playing mobile Games.

But these activities never going to pay you.

So, What to do?

Imagine, There are some ways through which you can start making some couple of bucks in your free time.

 Make Money with your Smartphone

When the scenario comes to making money online, Your Smartphone can generate a continuous income for you if you use it in that way.

What are those ways to start making money with your SmartPhone?

Lucky Man!

That's exactly what I'm going to share in this article.

Today you are going to see,

33 Clever Ways to Make Money from your Smartphone.

So, stay tuned with us up to last.

Let's dive right into it:

Table of Content:

  • Introduction
  • List of 33 ways to make money
  • Last Words about these Ways


First, ensure that you have installed the latest updates to guarantee of total similarity.

When your device is up to date, it's a great opportunity to begin and start making money online from your mobile.

As there are so many ways out there to make money with a smartphone, so its a little bit confusing where to start?

All these apps are absolutely free to download and are worthy of your time.

1. Lucktastic:

Lucktastic may be the only application you need to install on your mobile to start making money.

In this app, you can get tokens by playing funny games.

These tokens can be redeemed for different types of prizes including free Amazon gift vouchers and cash.

This app is downloaded in excess of 15 million downloads!

What's more, you can immediately win up to $10,000 just by playing their one games named scratch cards.

In this app you can you will gain additional daily reward.

2. Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is the MOST popular App in this category.

Here you need to perform some tasks including searching on the Internet, Completing Surveys, Watching Videos, Finding Swag Codes and many more.

By performing these tasks, you get some Points called 'SB'.

You can redeem these points either in Gift Voucher starting at $3 or simply for Paypal cash.

3. Lending Club:

If you are a person who is interested in Investment and want to try something other than the Stock Market then, this App is for you.

Here you can make money by Investing in Peer-to-Peer Loans.

You can expect the Yield of 4% to 5% on your Amount.

But, Once you Invest your money in the Lending Club:

You can't withdraw it for 3-5 years depending on what kind of your Investment is?

Either you can Install their free App or you can use it online.

4. iPoll:

As the name suggests, This is a kind of Survey site.

You can earn Airline miles, Gift Cards, Magazine Subscriptions, etc for completing some Surveys that took up to 15-20 minutes.

After installing the App, it asks for some information about yourself, so they give the right surveys for you in the future.

According to IveTriedThat, most surveys pay you around $1. But some Surveys can give you up to $10.

You can withdraw your money once you reach the threshold amount of $35.

5. Shopkick:

Do you like shopping?

If yes then you are becoming crazy when I tell you an interesting fact about this app.

In Shopkick, you can make money while you are doing shopping. means, you get paid for doing shopping.

Shopkick is an energizing application that pays you to check costs of different items at your neighborhood stores.

You can also earn some extra rewards points called kicks for making in-store or online buys and by watching in-application videos.

You can redeem your prizes for advanced gift vouchers to your most loved stores.

6. Ebates

Ebates is another App that you can utilize to make money online while shopping.

This may be the best internet shopping application since you get cash back at more than 2,000 online stores and about 30+ physical retailers.

I use Ebates each time whenever I want to shop online to get a "Huge discount" through PayPal once a quarter.

Rather than going specifically to the retail site to make a buy, visit the retailer through the Ebates application.

It may take a couple of additional seconds however it's certainly justified regardless of the snap.

7. Poshmark:

When you're prepared to pare down your wardrobe, Poshmark is the best app you can use to sell cloth.

Only you need to do is, just take some pictures of cloths and list them in this App.

When your item sold, Poshmark sends you a printable bill.

8. Loot:

Loot is basically a Hindi Language word which means Robbery.

Don't worry, you don't need to go and Robb anyone.

So, what's the deal?

On Loot.com, you can get paid for helping out your favorite brand like you can share their content or their photos on your social platform.

When you install this App on your Smartphone, you can search for different brands campaigns.

They give you some instructions and you need to perform those actions in order to make money.

Here, you can withdraw your money through Paypal cash once you reach the threshold limit of $10.

9. Freelancing on Upwork or Fiverr:

Here's is a video about how you can start your profitable freelancing career.

10. Surveys on the go:


Do you like to give your opinion on subjects like Entertainment, news, Tech industry, different sports, etc. then this App is exclusively design for you.

In this App, you get notified when a new survey is available for you.

You can Earn from 30 Cents to $5 on each completed surveys.

Here, the threshold limit is of $10.

Once you reach it you can request it for withdrawal and transfer to your Paypal account.

11. Survey Mini:

Survey mini is Alternative to Surveys on the go App. but I recommend to Install both so as to increase your revenue.

In this App, you get surveys when you visit certain locations.

The only thing you need to do is post your honest opinion and you get paid.

Also, Read this: 17+ Online Part-Time Jobs that you can Start Today. 

This is an Exciting App Since, you don't know when a new survey become available to you when you visit your favorite restaurant or any shopping mall.

You can redeem your Payments through food coupons or gift vouchers. 

12. IconZoomer:

What if I Said:

You can make money just by taking pictures of some of your daily activities like what you eat? or Which Clothes you wear? etc.

Pretty much excited right?

The only thing you need to do is, Install the App and wait for your Assignments.

Also, you need to submit your opinion about the item you sending to IconZoomer.

you get 5 credits for each completed assignment.

You can redeem these credits to Paypal cash once you reach 200 credits.

13. American Consumer Opinion:

American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) is a survey site especially for peoples from countries like Canada, USA, UK.

Their app is introduced to the Apple store in the summers of 2017.

This Survey app is the best if you belong to the above-mentioned countries. The only thing you need to do is install the App and complete the surveys as they are available for you.

First, go to their site and sign up there. then, Install their app from there. this is the best way to start with this app.

14. Achievement:

What if:

You can make money for doing exercise.

This App adjusts with Apple's Health application or your wearable fitness gadget.

you can make money for a couple of exercises like:
  1. Counting steps
  2. Tracking your sleep
  3. Healthy eating habits
  4. Social shares
This app will pay you directly to your PayPal account or direct deposit, much the same as 1.5 million different other peoples do all the time on a regular basis.

make money with mobile phone

15. M1 Finance:

Are you the kind of person who likes investment?

If yes, then M1 Finance app is only for you.

M1 Finance is one of the most famous and upcoming investing app.

All exchanges and trades are totally free and you can purchase fragmentary offers of stock and ETFs.

You can even open an IRA account so your investments grow charge conceded!

16. Pact:

Hey, Do you set any goals regarding your fitness?

What if I said, you can get paid to complete those goals.

In this App, you can make money for exercising more, by Eating healthy.

You can make from 50 cents to $5 per week.

It's not bad, because you are not doing anything else other than your daily fitness routine.

17. Mobee:

This is a very different and exciting app than others on this list.

You get paid for doing the mystery of things, like trying out products, getting coffee, secret shopping, dining at the restaurant for free, etc.

You can download this App from mobeeapp.com.

Once you install the App, they provide you some missions. choose one and complete it.

After you complete it, you need to answer some questions related to your experience and give them your feedback.

If Mobee, accept your feedback then you can earn points ranging from 150 points to 3000 points.

(In this App, 100 points  =  $1) 

18. Ibotta:


Name an action you perform three times each day.

Let me guess, "Taking a meal."

Instead of going to a restaurant for eating, you can easily save some cash by preparing it your own. 

With this application, you additionally get paid each time you purchase basic needs personally or shop online through this app.

The only thing you need to do is:

Every time you made a purchase, take a picture of your receipt and you are now able to claim the offer associated with items you brought.

Also, When you buy stuff online, You get some coupons to save some extra money.

You will get a $10 money reward as you redeem your first Ibotta offer.

19. Betterment:

This is another app which can generate you a passive source of income.

You might choose Betterment than M1 Finance if you are not a full-time DIY investor or a beginner.

This app is a perfect choice for those who just wanted to invest and forget about it for certain years.

For more:

20. Clashot:

Do you like to click pictures?

Clashot is an App that enables you to make money by clicking pictures of Cities, Food, different artworks, etc.

You need to submit that picture to Depositephotos site.

You earn a commission from 50 cents to $80 when that picture gets sold.

User needs to register on Clashot and start taking pictures.

21. Field Agent:

In this app, you can make $3 to $12 per task. Tasks are also not so difficult.

For Example:
  • Visit your local discount store
  • Take picture of assign product
  • Check out and verify it's price.
Just install the app and complete your profile and you are ready to go.

You can install this app on both iOS and Android phone.

22. Toluna:

Again this is a Survey app. (Since completing surveys are the easiest way to make money from a smartphone)

This is the biggest and most respected online survey community out there.

Here you can make money not only by surveys but also with sponsored polls and product testing.

Visit their site to download this App.

23. Panel Place:

Again Survey site!

Just like other survey portals, Simply go to their site and sign up there.

You can also download their free apps for both Android and ios.

this is also a great app to make money online.

Why I include many Survey sites in this list?

This is because, on any survey portal, you can't get a number of surveys every time.

So if you work on all of these apps, you can continue earning money from one or another app.

And the second thing is:

Many survey sites are work according to your geo-location. so I listed many options for you so that you can choose the best for you.

24. Doordash:

DoorDash can be the ideal side hustle for a college student.

Since you're not required to own a car to deliver food for the money.

You can walk, own a simply scooter, or ride on a bicycle to deliver food and thus to become a dasher (Doordash Member).

If you want to become a dasher, you need at least 18 years old and also you need to pass a criminal record verification. 

25. AppTrailers:

You know, around 6500 new apps are releasing every day.

AppTrailers bring you an opportunity to make money online by watching these App Trailers.

In simple words, there is a promotional video of an app of around 30 sec. that you need to watch.

Other than this, there is also movies trailers, actor-actress news, crafting videos, etc.

You can get up a good amount of money from this app when we consider you don't need to watch boring low-quality ads and not to fill out some forms like other paid apps.

26. MobileXpression:

Do you want to make money online quickly?

MobileXpression is basically a kind of research app that pays you to share your activities on the internet.

Once you download the application, you don't need to do something extra. use your phone as you use normally and MobileXpression pays you in like manner.

The more you utilize your mobile phone, the more cash you make using this app!

You can gain a week after week prize and also you can redeem your point in the exchange of money, gift vouchers, stocks, etc.

What's more, you're ensured to win a prize after your first seven days completed of utilizing MobileXpression.

27. Trim:

Are you paying a lot of money on your mobile phone, Cable tv or car Insurance?

then this app is going to be very useful for you. this app does all the hard arranging work for you!

In around five minutes, Trim will detect your ways of spending money to enable you to set aside some cash by canceling undesirable memberships and subscriptions.

In case you're paying a lot for vehicle insurance, mobile phone services, or television, Trim will apply the best limited time special offers to your present intend to enable you to pay "initial rates" by and by.

Setting aside some cash by enhancing your financial plan is also the best method to make money without beginning a side hustle.

To know more about how trim works, Click Here.

28. Snap by Groupon:

Snap by Groupon, this app offers you either coupon to save money on your shopping or cashback with few more features.

The best thing about this app is, you don't need to buy from big brands to claim your cashback. you can get it from your daily grocery shopping.

After you complete your shopping just upload the picture of a receipt to their site or directly take a picture from their app.

You can also earn from their referral program. they pay $1 for each referral.

29. BookScouter:

Do you like to read books?
if yes, then you must have a couple of books that you completed and want to sell.

In this is the case, BookScouter is an app for you.

You need to scan the barcode on the book, this app then displayed your books to various buyers.

Choose buyer that gives you the highest price and guess what?

You don't even have to worry about shipping.

30. Decluttr:

Decluttr makes it simple to sell the following used things that are present in your home:
  1. Cds
  2. DVDs
  3. Computer games
  4. mobile Phone
  5. other Tech Devices
  6. LEGO
  7. Reading material
by Downloading this application, you get a chance to check the standardized identification on everything you wish to sell.

When you've checked every one of your things, Decluttr gives you a free shipping label.

Once Decluttr gets your things, you'll get installment to your PayPal account the following next day.

31. Gigwalk:

Either, Watch this video or follow the link below to know about gigwalk.

Read a Detail review on Gigwalk by EvergreenProfits.

32. Work as a Lyft Driver:

Driving for a Lyft is the best way to make money while you are going to the office in your car.

you can easily make some extra money with this way in your spare time.

33. Drive for Uber Eats:

Hey, are you in search of a new gig?

there are many reasons for considering uber eats.

Check out this comprehensive 7 step guide to start making money from uber eats as a part-time driver.


Now it's your turn:

I hope you enjoyed this article about "make money with your smartphone".

Now, I want to hear from you.

Which way from this list you are most excited to try?

Are going to start with Lyft diver, Field Agent or Simple Apps like MobileXpression, AppTrailers.

Let me know by leaving a quick comment.

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