Top 5 Stunning Money Earning Apps for Android You should Try

Do you love your mobile phone like me? Which Apps are currently installed on your phone?

Imagine, If you install some apps in your mobile and you get an instant boost in your online earning.

or even better:

Nowadays, everyone is using a Smartphone. but most of them don't know that they can earn money easily while sitting at home with their phone.

What is such Money Making Android Apps?

lucky man, that's exactly what I'm going to share in this article.

Today you’re going to see such Top 5 Money Earning Apps for Android and each of them can generate an income source for you.

money making android apps

Here we Include App from different-different categories like getting paid to speak, get paid to surf the Internet, Paid-surveys, tasks, etc. 

I'm not so foolish as to try to make you believe that you can fill your bank account with these Android apps but I am sure you can make decent money to celebrate with your friends. (around Rs. 10,000) 

So whether you’re a total beginner or seasoned pro, you’ll love these online money income apps.

Table of Content:

  • Advantages of Online Money Earning Android Apps
  • How much can I earn from these Apps?
  • How do I get Paid?
  • Tip to Increase your Online Earning
  • List of Top 5 Best Money Earning Apps for Android
  • Conclusion

Let’s dive right into it:

Advantages of Online Money Earning Android Apps

  1. No Investment: All these Apps mention below does not require any kind of investment to make money from them. (Except your little time)
  2. Fewer Efforts: You don't need to put your hard Efforts to Earn from these Apps. You can even make money when Ads come during the shows on television.
  3. Simple & Safe: Now, money transactions are becoming more Simple and Safe than ever before. Everything in on tip of Your Finger.
  4. Flexibility: The huge advantage is, there is no fixed schedule. you can play with Apps anytime, anywhere. It's up to you.

How much can I earn from these Android Apps?

This is one of the frequently asked questions related to money-making mobile Apps. Even many ask me on our Facebook group that 'How much can I earn daily from such Apps?'

Listen, there is no fixed answer to this question. It completely depends on you and how you utilize these Apps.

Your Earning can vary from Rs.10 to Rs.500 INR daily.

How do I get Paid?

Here I listed the Top 5 Legit Android App that I like to use.

Three of them pays you real money and you can withdraw it through PayPal and PayTM wallet.

one App gives you free Mobile Data while the last App is totally different from all other Apps.

Tip to Increase your Online Earning

In order to get more Income from this App, you need to visit these Apps more than one times a day.

This practice makes sure that no offer or any special (time-limited task) get skipped from you.

Also, once you have taken a Task or Survey, don't leave it incomplete, try to successfully complete it every time.

Now, let see what are those Top 5 Android Apps.

List of Top 5 best Money earning Apps for Android

  1. U speak We pay:
  2. Price: Free

    As the name suggests, U speak We pay is an app where you get paid for speaking.

    There are already 200k+ users register in this App.

    This App supports many India Languages like English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Gujrathi, and Tamil.

    How to Earn Money from this App?

    • You just need to speak the sentences as they appear on screen in the app and done!

    Guess what?

    you're making money by working from home. That's how easy it is! You can also make more money joining their referral program and earn extra money by inviting your friends to join this App.

    Payout Rates:

    • This money-making app pays you through PayTM once you reach the threshold of Rs. 25 INR in your account.

    The only thing you need to remember is, You shall be paid for your recordings according to our pricing policy. The payment is subject to the quality of the recordings.

    Hence, make sure you do the recordings in a quiet place without any disturbances. more you read the word accurately, more you pronouncer them accurately, more you gonna earn from this App.

    Download Now!

  3. Surveys on the Go:

  4. Price: Free

    As the name suggests, this app lets you complete the surveys and you get paid after you successfully complete and submit the survey.

    You might familiar with "Google Opinion Reward" app which is also a Paid-Survey app.

    How you get Paid?

    This App pays you real cash unlike Other Paid-surveys apps like Google Opinion Reward.

    Note: Don't expect too much earning from this app, Since on a few surveys are available to you within a month.

    Payout Rates:

    You get from $0.05 to $5 per Survey. On average, you get $1 for each completed survey.

    You can redeem your reward (cash) through PayPal once you reach the $10 threshold.

    The application is simple enough to use, so it gives you a chance to make money with your Android phones, with some little efforts.

    Thus, this app is best for peoples who just wanted to earn some extra money here and there.

  5. MCent: (Free Daily Mobile Data)

  6. Price: Free

    I love this App. I'll tell you why,

    Some people can't Sleep because they have Insomnia. I can't sleep because I have Internet. (Click to Tweet)

    Almost everyone is browsing the Internet all the time. What if there is a way to make money while surfing on the Internet?

    Yes, you get it! it's MCent Browser.

    You get paid on a daily basis in the form of Free Mobile Data for using their browser for Internet Access.

    How to Earn Money from MCents?

    • By Surfing the Internet through this App.

    How you get Paid?

    • You get paid on a daily basis in the form of Free Mobile Data. More you use the Browser, more you get rewards.

    And don't worry about the mobile network companies. this app works fine with all the mobile network in India.

    It is the best Earning money Apps for Android. Since you don't need to do anything extra. Just use this browser instead of Google Chrome or any other browser you use.

    Download MCents.

  7. TaskBucks: (Earn Free PayTM Cash)

  8. Price: Free

    TaskBucks is One of the best Earn Money Apps for PayTM. It not only gives you free PayTM cash but also it is famous for free mobile recharge.

    TaskBucks comes with 100+ benefits for you. This App already cross 10,000,000+ Installs.

    How to Earn Money from TaskBucks?

    1. Complete Tasks - There are 100's Tasks are available for you to complete and to get paid.

    2. Referral Income - You will also get Paid when you Invite your Friend (or Anyone...) to Install this App. Isn't it look like an Affiliate Marketing on the Small Level!

    3. Participate in Daily Contests - Other than Tasks, you also get Some daily offers (kind of Contests) in this App. You need to participate in and Compete with others (online) so as to Win the Treasure.

    How you get Paid?
    1. Mobile and Data Recharge
    2. Free Paytm cash
    3. Post-paid bill payment
    4. The updated version has more redeem ways like MobiKwik money.

    Download TaskBucks Now!

  9. Make Money: (Work from Home Ideas)

  10. Price: Free (with Ads)

    What do you think, what this app is all about?

    This app is exactly what the name suggests. This is one of the most promising money making apps for Android.

    This App won't generate money on its own but gives you a huge list of 60+ jobs that you can do from your home.

    For Example:

    Starting a Blog or New YouTube Channel are a couple of ideas.

    Not only this, but this app also tells you the skills required for that job.

    Overall this app saves your lot of time and efforts that you put to find out the idea and other related things.

    1,000,000+ peoples already Install this app, then who stops you?

    Download Now!


I hope you enjoy this article about Legit Money Earning Apps for Android.

Now, it's over to you:

Which app from this list are you most excited to try?

What is some other Money Making Apps for android you know about?

feel free to put it down in the comment section!

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